At Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply, we’re downright proud of the mark we’ve made with our authentic western brand. Along with our industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers, Murdoch’s represents real lives with real stories. We know that our customers depend on us for quality merchandise and a square deal. We’re not big on bells and whistles; however, we do carry both in our stores! Be it a stock tank, a welding helmet or a pair of cozy socks, one thing is for certain: the trusted brands we carry all measure up to the Murdoch’s name in durability, style, outstanding service and value.

The Murdoch’s brand is represented by our top-of-the-line merchandise and by our experienced staff. We pride ourselves on being a source of both goods and knowledge—a place where anyone can feel comfortable asking questions. At Murdoch’s, we’re big on education, providing customers with the best possible products and insight. Our store employees take part in product knowledge training each month, to make sure they can deliver sound, practical advice to our customers.

Our employees know firsthand what a working cowboy expects from a ranch rope, or what a hard-as-nails builder demands from a table saw. They know their stuff and they deliver. Our cornerstone brands are companies who share a commitment to quality, character and tradition. Come on down and check out some of our trusted brands, friendly smiles and hard-to-find whatnots. You’ll be glad you did!

Without the quality brands that we sell, we'd just be a big empty store full of really helpful people. But working together, we deliver a shopping experience that's pretty hard to beat. Here's a list of just some of the top brands that you'll find here at Murdoch's:


Used to be that you bought a pair of work pants for, well, work. But Carhartt's tough-as-nails pants, shorts, jackets, and t-shirts are making a dent in the fashion world now, too. Who would've thought? It's fair to say we have more Carhartts than just about anyone out there west of the Mississippi.


There is still a pile of real, honest-to-goodness, don't-need-to-show-off cowboys and cowgirls out there, and chances are, they're wearing Wranglers right now. It's like the official uniform. We carry a full line of pants, shorts, and shirts, and even folks like you and me are wearing 'em.


Dewalt makes the 'alpha dog' of power tools. That distinctive bright yellow color says you're not here to change a light bulb, but to do some serious work, so stand back. We've got a complete line of Dewalt saws, drills, nail guns, and more, so you can experience the ultimate power trip


We all may prefer a home where the buffalo roam, but when it comes to livestock, you need them to stay put. Hutchison-Western gates and panels are the best in the business for helping keep cows off the streets.

Iowa Veterinary Supply

Iowa Veterinary Supply
Horses can't say "Doctor, it hurts when I do this"—which is probably for the best, since that joke is way old anyway. But for many of us, our horse is our best friend, and for others, he's a critical part of how we make our living. Keeping horses and cattle healthy is IVS's specialty, and thanks to these guys, it's our specialty too.


Levi Strauss & Co.
For some folks, wardrobe selection goes something like this: for work, I'll wear my new blue jeans. For the dinner party on Saturday, I'll go with the black ones I just washed. For Sunday's fishing trip, I'll just throw on those old jeans with no knees. Yes, we know who you are—fortunately for you, we've got jeans by the bushel, and nice shirts too (to go with your jeans of course).

Hill's Pet Nutrition

Hill's Pet Nutrition
In recent years, the science of pet nutrition has become a huge deal. Maybe that's because people are starting to get more attached to their pets than their spouses, in some cases. But whether your pet sleeps on your down comforter every night, or out in the barn, Hill's foods are going to keep him (or her) happy and healthy. Don't forget to feed the spouse, though.

Cargill and Nutrena

Cargill Inc./Nutrena Feed
You probably take vitamins, right? Well, horses and cows aren't likely going to do a better job of always getting a balanced meal than you, so Nutrena offers critical salts, minerals, and other supplemental nutrition products for cattle, horses, and other livestock.

Priefert Mfg. Co., Inc.
"Built by ranchers, for ranchers" is their slogan, so you know that their livestock equipment, gates, chutes, panels, and fencing is going to be made to last. Priefert also sponsors a bunch of great seminars and presentations, like our Round Pen Clinics. These guys are the real deal, and so is their stuff.


Ariat International
Ariat says its goal is - to provide the most technologically advanced riding boots for the world's top equestrian athletes. Sounds pretty fancy, but really these folks make a killer boot no matter how you say it. If you're a show jumper, they make the best piece of equipment for your foot. If you're a team-penning guy, they've got the boot - which means we've got the boot.


Iams Company
The joy, the thrill, the unbridled passion - anyone who owns a pet knows that for dogs and cats, dinnertime is like having a birthday every day. Iams has taken pet food and bumped it up into the gourmet category, both in terms of taste, and nutrition. Murdoch's has a complete selection of all their foods, whether your cat is fat or your dog has the energy of a puppy.


Husqvarna Forest & Garden
Wait, isn't the usual phrase "lawn & garden?" That must mean that Husqvarna's chainsaws, lawnmowers, and other machines are designed for more rugged environs, like those we have out West. Now you don't have to be afraid of those high weeds on the back forty, or the lawn that stretches out beyond the horizon.


Karman Inc.
Okay, so maybe you've never heard of Karman, Inc., but I bet you've heard of at least one of their brands: Roper, Studio West and a whole bunch of others. In fact they're one of the world's largest manufacturers of western apparel and footwear for men, women, and children - wake up and come in to check out their excellent products!

Red River Commodities

Red River Commodities
Just when you're starting to think the winter is going to go on forever, you hear them - birds chirping. Could it be? Could it be that spring is approaching? If you want to be awakened by chirping birds, the first thing you need to do is to entice them to come near your window, and maybe hang out for a bit. The way to do this is simple - it's to feed them. Fortunately, Red River's premium bird seed is the perfect bribe.

Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand
You gals out there know that jeans aren't the one-type-fits-all items that the guys think they are‚ but lucky for you there are Lucky Jeans. Not only do they look good, but unlike some fancy jeans, you can actually sit down in these without a lot of extra effort. They do make men's jeans too (and shirts and other apparel), so everyone can see how jeans are supposed to fit.


Dogs dig it. Cats crave it. For over 75 years, Nutro has made food designed to keep your critters healthy and happy. They offer up a range of specialized options for peppy puppies, or senior felines.

Koch Industries Inc.
Freedom Security Safes
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Purina Natural Balance Pet Food
SpeeCo Muck Boots  
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