Here at Murdoch’s, we welcome energetic and enthusiastic individuals with a passion for exceptional service to become part of our team. Murdoch’s offers plenty of opportunities for a boot slapping good time because “fun” is an essential part of what makes us who we are. Are you looking for a career where fun is a job requirement? Why not consider Murdoch’s?

Please check out the Murdoch’s core MVP’s before applying! They are the heart and soul of our culture and central to how we do business. If you think the MVP’s are a good fit for you -then by all means, please take a look at our openings and find the one or two that best fit your skills, experience and interest!


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Murdoch’s thanks you for your interest in becoming a team member at any of our locations. We are crazy about our employees and we constantly strive to provide a working environment in which our employees have the opportunity to learn, stretch and grow while providing unparalleled customer service to our valued customers - oh, and have some fun too!

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When viewing our Home Office & Management Opportunities, a new window will open where you will find our current employment opportunities.If you are interested in a position, simply click on the job title for more information. After you have read the MVP’s along with the job description and are still fascinated with the possibilities, you have the option to apply for the position at the very bottom of the new window.



Murdoch’s has such a family atmosphere. I’ve been with Murdoch’s going on 12 years and have always felt like part of the family.

I love a challenge and over the years I’ve had many. Murdoch’s has always pushed me to grow and helped me do so. I have had an opportunity to be in just about every position within the store and a few in the office. I really like being able to share my experiences with fellow teammates. To help teach and give them as many tools as I can to help them succeed as I have. I enjoy “growing people”.

Ashley D. - Southern Regional Clothing Manager

Hi! I have been a member of the Murdoch’s family since Feb. ’08. I spent my first years in the Craig, CO store, where I started as a part-time cashier, then moved up to full-time and accepted the position of Head Cashier. I loved working as a cashier, and having the opportunity to meet all of the wonderful customers… most of whom we would come to welcome to the store by name, and developed great friendships! I then applied for a position in the Westminster, CO store, and have been here for the last three years as their Bookkeeper.

Murdoch’s is an AWESOME company to work for. They care about you as a person… and show it! I love that Murdoch’s gives each of their employees the opportunity to progress. You can start as part-time, and work your way up to Store Manager, if that is your desire. There are always people around to support you and help you grow. It doesn’t matter what job title you have - if you are in need of help, you just pick up the phone and reach out to anyone in one of the other stores, or someone in Home Office - and you will always find a friendly voice to give suggestions on solving any problem. Chances are that they have already been thru the same thing and are genuinely happy to help.

One part of Murdoch’s mission is to ‘earn the admiration, respect, and smiles of our customers, team, and supplier partners’. That is something that I see being done every day… so come in and check us out! We would love to meet you and have the opportunity to assist you in your job pursuit, and/or shopping needs.

Buffi B. - Bookkeeper, Westminster, CO

I’ve been with Murdoch’s going on 6 years now! Meeting and working with some of the most AWESOME people (customers, team and supplier partners) has been the most gratifying thing for me. Murdochian’s living our M.V.P.’s every day is something very special that sets our company apart from all others. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to work in and help improve several stores; now looking forward to future growth for not only myself but Murdoch’s as well! This is such an exciting time to “ be the best, as THE leader in our industry!”

Tom P. - Store Manager, Westminster, CO

I’ve worked with Murdoch’s for 10 years.

While there are a lot of things that keep me energized and coming work each day, there are several things that stick out.

I love the familiarity with the home office that we are so used to each day. I appreciate the availability of Rick, MaryKay, John and Chris and seeing the surprised looks on customer’s faces when we relay to them that we’ve actually met the owners and that they actually stop in our stores to see how things are going.

I love the moments when all things come together perfectly on a project, day, or a tough issue. As we all know, it takes a huge amount of effort to run on all cylinders and keep it that way. When we have all those intangibles line up to make a thrilled customer, that makes my day.

Employees that I ‘catch’ working like mad for a customer, going way above and beyond to make a customer happy,-- that makes by day.

I love learning something from rookies that I never would have thought of.

Stefan M. - Store Manager, Parker CO