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Murdoch's Customer Service

Today as I rode my bike into work, I passed two women carrying a cabinet down the sidewalk.  The cabinet was big enough that it looked like the second woman was struggling to keep up.  “An odd site for 7:30 AM, I thought to myself.”  Then, suddenly I remembered where I was going this morning.  I was riding my bike to my job at Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply, where customer service is our top priority and community service is both encouraged and rewarded.  Helping these women out is not just something that will make me feel good, it is part of my responsibility as a Murdoch’s employee.

So, I turned my bike around and rode up to the two women.  “Hi, my name is Jim. May I help you carry that?”, I said.

“Sure.  That would be great,” said the first woman.  “Carol is not enjoying this,” she said referring to the second woman. 

“Thanks a lot,” said Carol as I set down my bike and picked up her end of the cabinet.  “I am not as strong as Janet.”

“Where are we headed, Carol?” I said.

“Just down about five houses,” said Carol.  “I’ll push your bike down there for you.”

The cabinet was light enough for me and the first woman to carry it down the sidewalk past five houses.  As Janet and I carried it, I thought again about Murdoch’s and our MVP’s.  “I am pretty sure there is something about this that rings true with our principles,” I thought to myself.  Once we reached the house where the cabinet was to be in its new home, we set it down under a covered carport.  Janet and Carol thanked me again, and I was back on my bike towards work.   

When I got to work, I immediately looked up our Murdoch’s principles.  Sure enough – it was written very clear:

• Our customers will be asked three times if they can be assisted by an employee capable of helping them.

• Carry outs are an essential part of our customer service.

• Service that makes Mrs. Jones (Yes! Call her by name) smile from the moment she walks in our store until she returns to her car.

While Janet and Carol were not customers walking around in one of our stores, as members of my community, they are potential Murdoch’s customers.  As such, my actions should be consistent with our company’s principles.   While I am sure that I learned about helping out your fellow man during Sunday school lessons as a child, the Murdoch’s principles remind me of how to put those ideals into action in my job and in the community.

Stop into your local Murdoch’s or contact the Murdoch’s Customer Service Team at 855-232-9104, I am sure you will find the customer service lives up to our company’s principles.

-- Jim Verzuh, eStore Manager