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Win a Toy Riding Tractor from Murdoch’s and Purina Dog Food.

Updated September 2013

Purina Retro Tractor Winners Announced

Congratulations to to the twenty-three Purina Retro riding toy tractor winners!
These folks each won a ride on toy tractor courtesy of Murdoch's and Purina Dog Chow.

    Clifton - James Ransanici, Jr.
    Craig -  Gary Van Tassel
    Fort Morgan - Lyle Linman
    Littleton -  Jamie Madsen
    Longmont -  Quinton Davis
    Montrose - Kristen Sanchex
    Parker - Mary Munekata
    Salida -  Ethan Noakes
    Westminster - Clinton Conway

    Bozeman -  Scott McKnight
    Butte -  Steph Cox
    Dillon -  David Miller
    Hamilton - Linda Bye
    Helena -  Beverly Nuebel
    Kalispell - Kris Glidden
    Miles City - Trista York
    Missoula - Oops, we forgot the
            winner's name.

    Scottsbluff - Trace Brown

    Casper/Evansville - Lauren Zuniga
    Cheyenne - Brian Madson
    Evanston - Kimberly Palmer
    Laramie - Trisha Burnett
    Rock Springs -John Knaphis

Purina Dog Chow Giveaway - Win this Retro Tractor

Purina Dog Chow is celebrating 80 years of innovation.  Come into your favorite Murdoch's and check out the special edition Retro designed Purina Dog Chow bags. While you're there, make sure you enter to win the Purina Retro Riding Toy Tractor. We're giving away one tractor at each Murdoch's location, twenty-three winners in all.

Purina Dog Chow History:

  • 1926 - Dog Chow is first created.
  • 1933 - Dog Chow fed to Admiral Byrd's sled dogs during a 2-year expedition to the Antarctic.
  • 1957 - Dog Chow becomes the first pet food that is made using a technology called extrusion to form distinctive shapes that are known as "kibble" today.
  • 1983 - Dog Chow celebrates 25 years of being a leading brand in the pet food industry.
  • 2002 - Purina publishes the findings of the first-ever completed 14-Year Life Span Study, showing that Puppy Chow, then Dog Chow nutrition, fed properly* over a lifetime, can help extend a dog's healthy years (up to 1.8 healthy years for the dogs in the Study). *further feeding instructions on bag.
  • 2012 - America's #1 Selling Brand* *#1 branded dry dog food.

*No purchase necessary.  Making a purchase does not increase your chances of winning. Dog not included.