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If you are thinking about Murdoch’s as a potential partner to support your organization, we would like to tell you a bit more about what we like to support, and how we like to deliver that support. The more you know about our priorities, the better you are able to allocate your valuable resources. These guidelines are intended to help nonprofit organizations utilize time and money efficiently. As much as we would absolutely love to fulfill all of the needs in our communities, that just isn’t a realistic goal. Please help us work better with our communities by reviewing these guidelines to determine if we are likely to support your organization in ways that you need it.

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Types of Missions That Energize Our Spirits

Are any of these keywords in your organization’s mission statement?

  • Assisting kids and families, especially those with a demonstrated need or seeking education on ag-related topics.
  • Furthering the good work of 4H and FFA.
  • Enhancing lives of pets and their owners, especially through adoption centers and pet-related events.
  • Continuing the western tradition of local fairs and rodeos.
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Types of Partnerships We Offer

  • Every full-time employee at Murdoch’s can opt to volunteer up to eight (8) hours every calendar year and be paid for their time. And we are good workers, too!
  • Only in extremely rare circumstances will Murdoch’s support an individual. We reserve this type of support for emergency or crisis situations. Even then, we prefer that the support be given via a qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • We sponsor nonprofits, events, clubs, schools, and associations when the results of the investment can be measured. Sponsorship can be in the form of in-kind product, discounts, or a financial contribution.
  • Murdoch’s will match our employees’ donations to qualified nonprofits, up to $250.
  • We enjoy hosting nonprofits for fun, in-store events that enhance the shopping experience while raising funds, including selling tickets for events that would be attractive to our customers.
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Home Is Where The Heart Is

We will do everything in our control to ensure our support stays in the communities where our customers and employees live. They are the only reason we can offer support in the first place.

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Time Flies When You're Havin' Fun

Murdoch’s respectfully requests that you submit your request three (3) months prior to any of your deadlines. Even when a request is a perfect fit, if we don’t have adequate time to work it into our quarterly planning, we may have to decline participation, and nobody wants that to happen.

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Breadth & Depth

Our goal is to spread our participation among as many relevant, qualified organizations as possible, in counties served by a Murdoch’s location.

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What Makes A Non-Profit Qualified

  • Local organizations, in a county served by one of our store locations which are nonprofit, community-based, religious or educational.
  • Your organization must qualify under IRS section 501(c)(3). Charitable organizations under this section are defined as those organized and operated for purposes beneficial to the public interest.
  • For other types of support like event sponsorship or event hosting, the same rules apply except for the part about 501(c)(3) status. The door is open for nonprofits with 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) status, plus anyone else who organizes events that meet our guidelines on this page.
  • Organizations with extreme or political agendas that could be considered divisive within the community will not qualify for employer-matched gifts or the Murdoch’s Community Service Initiative.

Sound like your organization is a fit? The next step is to complete a Donation & Sponsorship Inquiries form.