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Murdoch's Bee FAQ

When will I know bees are ready for pickup?

Bees will be available for pick up at your requested pick up location in late April or early May 2019. You will be notified at least 24 hours in advance of your delivery date via email and phone.

What happens if I don’t pick up my bees?

It is your responsibility to pick up your bees from your preferred pick up location. Bees that are not picked up on time are subject to resale with no refund.

What am I responsible for during pick up?

Before you leave our premises, you are responsible for inspecting your bees, the queen bee, and their packaging. You assume full responsibility of the bees, the packaging container the bees come in, and the proper disposal of said container. Once you leave Murdoch’s, you are responsible for all losses or accidents.

What should I know about transporting my bees after I pick them up?

Please transport your bees carefully, avoiding extreme temperatures and direct exposure to the elements. Do not transport your bees in a secondary container.

How soon should I install my bees into their new hive after pick up?

Your new bees should be installed in their new hive within 24 hours of pick up.

How many bees come in a package?

3 lb. bee packages typically come with 12-15,000 bees. It is not uncommon to have a hive shrinkage (death loss) of about 2-3% during transportation.

What should I do if my queen dies after pick up?

It is your responsibility to inspect your queen bee before leaving Murdoch’s. Murdoch’s will not replace any queen bees that die after they have left Murdoch’s premises.

Can I cancel my bee order?

Orders cannot be canceled or refunded after March 19, 2019.