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How To Choose Which Bee Stock Is Right For You

Choosing a bee stock requires some research. Just like dog breeders, beekeepers have been selecting favorable traits to produce colonies that display certain behaviors for hundreds of years.

Two bee stocks have surfaced in the United States as being the most popular: Italian and Carniolan.


To-Do List: Prep Your Apiary For New Bees

If you are new to beekeeping you should by now have ordered your new bees. Whether you have decided on package bees or a miniature colony complete with a few frames of brood (a.k.a. a nuc colony), now is the time to prep your apiary site that will be ready ahead of your bees’ arrival.


Can You Keep Bees With Kids?

The short and sweet answer is: Yes. You just have to take some precautions.Many beekeepers will tell you that having kids doesn’t mean you can’t also be a beekeeper. But you do need to think about whether your family specifically is a good fit.

Obviously, every family has different circumstances, and every kid’s behavior will be different around hives depending on his/her interest level.


Emergency Winter Feeding: what to do if bees don’t have enough food

If you live in a cold climate, then winter feeding will be a hot topic for you. It is one of those beekeeping support tactics that is more art than science.

Some beekeepers say you’ll do more harm than good by allowing any cold air inside. Others say a little cold air is better than starvation. If you choose to give your bees emergency winter food, here are a few tips.