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Backyard Beekeeping Supplies List

Exactly how much stuff does it take to become a beekeeper? And what is all of it used for? We pulled together a pretty comprehensive list of the beekeeping supplies that will help you keep your hive healthy, happy and thriving.

Here’s a list of equipment (and why it’s important) to help you get started on the road to successful beekeeping.


To-Do List: Prep Your Apiary For New Bees

If you are new to beekeeping you should by now have ordered your new bees. Whether you have decided on package bees or a miniature colony complete with a few frames of brood (a.k.a. a nuc colony), now is the time to prep your apiary site that will be ready ahead of your bees’ arrival.


When to Add Honey Supers to a Standard Hive

If you haven’t done so already, you may be overdue for adding honey supers to your hives. Honey supers are essential for honey collection, but perhaps just as important for relieving overcrowding inside the hive.

In terms of the best timing for when to add honey supers, a good rule of thumb is to super your hive when eight of the ten frames in the top brood chamber box are being used for brood and for nectar/honey/pollen storage.


How To Feed A Beehive

One of the more proactive steps you can take as a beekeeper is to feed your hives in the springtime. By feeding them, you essentially extend their brooding and production cycles; you are helping them build the hive, produce wax, and overcome stress.

All of this contributes to your honey crop at the end of the season.