Picking Up & Transporting Bees From Murdoch’s Stores

Picking Up & Transporting Bees From Murdoch’s Stores

We can’t speak for all bee suppliers, but if you purchased your bees from Murdoch’s there are a few things to know about picking them up, transporting bees, and preparing for the big day.

Murdoch’s Bees

  1. Bees will be available for pick up sometime between April and early May of 2016. It is a wide range because many variables can affect breeding, including weather, which are out of our control. Murdoch’s provides updates when they are available via email to those who pre-order from us.
  2. Murdoch’s will officially notify all customers who pre-ordered bees from us at least 24 hours in advance of the actual delivery date. This notification will be made by phone.
  3. We are unable to cancel orders. These orders fall under the “live animal” section of Murdoch’s return policy.
  4. Along the lines of cancellation, once you order your bees, it is your responsibility to pick them up from your chosen location within 24 hours of notification. Bees that are not picked up on time are subject to resale with no refund. We do this because the bees need to be introduced to their new homes as soon as possible to ensure survival. Thanks for understanding and for participating in good caretaking from the get-go.
  5. At the time of pick-up, inspect the bees, the queen, and the boxes they are in. Tell a Murdoch’s team member if you have any concerns, but please remember that each 3 lb. box contains approximately 12,000 – 15,000 bees with an expected death loss of 1 – 2%.
  6. You will have a maximum of 1.5 days to get your bees transferred to the hives. Should inclement weather like excessive winds or rain be present on the pick-up day, you might have to wait until the storm passes to make your transfer. Don’t neglect to feed your bees, especially if you are transferring after 24 hours.

How to Transport Bees

  1. We highly discourage transporting bees in an enclosed vehicle trunk. Without ventilation, the bees will overheat quickly and become stressed.
  2. It is okay to transport bees in the bed of a pickup.
  3. The best choice is to transport bees in the cab of your vehicle. Be aware, however, that the packages contain bee feed and will be sticky. Put down a shop towel or plastic to protect your car interior. Also, be sure you place the food right side up.
  4. If you have a long drive (3 hours or longer) we suggest purchasing bee feed and a spray bottle. When they begin to get noisier, it means they are overheating. You can spray them with the bee feed to de-stress and cool the bees down.
  5. Wedge them securely, or secure them with rope, straps or webbing so that they don’t tip over. If the feed can tips and loosens, your bees will escape.

Have questions? We have answers! Contact customer service, or comment below.

email: customerservice@murdochs.com

phone: 855-232-9104