Smartwool Streamlines its Sock-Naming System

Smartwool Streamlines its Sock-Naming System

Your favorite socks are now easier to find

Smartwool has made it easier than ever for you to find what you’re looking with a new system to navigate its sock collections. Not to worry — you will still find the same number of Merino wool socks at the same quality and in the same styles that you’re used to. However, within the guidance of a streamlined naming structure, it’s simply easier to find the socks you’re looking for.

Your favorite socks are now grouped within a system of three tiers: Performance, Classic, and Everyday. Within each tier are categories to help refine your sock search.

Let’s look:

PERFORMANCE TIER (formerly known as PhD®)

These socks are designed for athletes who require a higher level of comfort, fit, and durability during activities like hiking, skiing, running, hunting, and cycling.

Categories: Performance Hike (formerly known as PhD® Outdoor), Performance Ski, Performance Hunt Athlete Edition (formerly known as PhD® Pro): This collection is for alpinists, skiers, runners, and athletes who require advanced gear for their high-end pursuits.


No change here because, well, these are classics. The socks encompass the original 128 sock and are perfect for enthusiasts looking for the most comfortable sock for all their outdoor activities.

Categories: Classic Hike, Classic Hunt

EVERYDAY TIER (formerly known as Lifestyle)

This collection of socks is perfectly suited for people looking for exceptional comfort and style for everyday wear, everyday life.

Sock heights have been renamed to now be easier to identify what is the right fit for your shoes.

  • No Show
  • Low Ankle (formerly Micro)
  • Ankle (formerly Mini)
  • Mid Crew
  • Crew
  • NEW Tall Crew
  • OTC Over-The-Calf

To provide more clarity on which level of cushioning is right for your desired activity, Smartwool has renamed these as well.

  • Zero (formerly Ultra Light) - no cushioning
  • Targeted (formerly Light Elite) – cushioning in toe and heel
  • Light - cushioning along bottom of foot
  • Full (formerly Medium) – cushioning throughout entire sock
  • Extra (formerly Heavy)– dense cushioning throughout entire sock
  • Maximum (formerly Extra Heavy)- more dense cushioning throughout entire sock