No matter what you cook on your pellet grill, we have a hardwood pellet to enhance its taste. Use this guide to pick out the perfect pellet flavor.

Hardwood Description Beef Chicken Pork Lamb Game Seafood Baking Veggies
ALDER Versatile, subtle, and slightly sweet with a good amount of smoke that won't overwhelm delicate meats. X X X X X X X X
APPLE Perfect for mild meats and baking, these pellets are mild, sweet, and smokey.   X X       X X
CHERRY Sweet yet tart with a lot of flavor that produces a hearty smoke ring and beautiful color. X X X X X   X  
HICKORY Strongly flavored and used in barbeque, it's almost bacon like and great when mixed with apple or oak. X X X   X     X
MAPLE Mild with a titch of sweetness, it brings exceptional flavor to poultry and pork.   X X         X
MESQUITE A Texas BBQ staple for hearty smoke, it's spicy, tangy, and prominent. Great for darker, strongly flavored meats. X X X   X      
OAK A great middle of the road smoke that is great with fish and veggies and versatile enough for most meats. X X X X X X X  
PECAN Nutty with a little spice and a hint of vanilla that's delicate enought for baking and fairly versatile with meats. X X     X   X X

Murdoch's stores carry pellets from Trager, Green Mountain Grills, and other manufacturers; our selection is all natural and offers unsurpassed cooking quality. Pellet brands are interchangeable with pellet grills. Just be sure you're only buying pellets (becuase cooking wood chips or chunks are incompatible with pellet grills and can clog the auger). Pellets are available in all Murdoch's stores.