Pellet grilling

Pellet Grills

Not Different. Better.

We don’t think you should do something different just because you can. Do it different because it’s better. Our customers and team members agree: cooking on pellet grills really is better.

What exactly is better?

  • Flavor:pellet grills produce flavor that cannot be achieved in your kitchen or on a gas grill
  • Versatile:pellet grills cook foods that cannot be made on gas grills and support a wide range of cooking methods: smoking, bbq, braise, sear, slow cook, roast, grill, and even bake
  • Easy to Use:pellet grilling is digital; because pellet grills cook food the same way an oven does, it doesn’t require constant supervision
  • Consistency:because the temperature is controlled for you, you can replicate yummy results
  • Pellet Nation:share recipes, meals, and tips among friends and neighbors who love this method of cooking

How pellet grills work

  1. Pellet grills are fueled by specially made wood pellets that are typically sold in 20-28 lb bags. The different types of wood (cherry wood, alder, apple wood, maple, hickory, etc.) produce different smoke that infuse your food with flavors that simply cannot be achieved otherwise.
  2. You fill the hopper of the grill with these pellets.
  3. Pellet grills all have digital controls, exactly like your oven. You set the temp according to the recipe you’re following. Some higher end models even have Wi-Fi controls, so if you’re running late you can turn on the grill as you leave work.
  4. An auger at the bottom of the hopper feeds just the right amount of pellets to maintain a fire at the set temperature, and an automatic fan controls appropriate airflow (again, according to your temp setting). Some higher end grills have dual fan operation for even better control.
  5. The fan’s airflow creates a convection cooking environment. Your food is resting on the grates, protected from direct contact to the fire and exposing it to the flavored smoke and heat. Food is cooked by the warm, smoky air – not by direct contact with fire.
  6. There are also accessories you can purchase that make cooking certain foods even easier, like pizzas and ribs.
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