Personalize your water bottle

Personalize Your Water Bottle

Stand out, look cool, and stay hydrated with a water bottle decorated at home.

A personalized water bottle is all about you! There will never be another one exactly like it because of the touches you provide to reflect your style, interests, and creativity. So, follow these steps and use your imagination to assemble a water bottle that gushes with unrivaled originality.

Step One: Select the container for your hydration creation.

You are ready to create if you already have a favorite water bottle. If not, look at Murdoch’s selection of Hydrapak, Nalgene, Pendleton, Wyld Gear, Murdoch’s, YETI, CamelBak, and Hydro Flask. The brands include water bottles with options for materials, designs, lids, handles, coverings, and boots. Want a built-in straw? That, too.

Step Two (sync with Step Three): Decide on your design.

Will it be simple or complex, showy or understated, themed or random, or other? So many options. Get inspired. Think about the elements important to show on your water bottle. For example, do you want lettering for funny sayings or motivational messaging? If so, will you use a marker, paint, or apply letter stickers?

Step Three: Decorate the dents.

Is that dent in your water bottle a good place to paint a wink, write a clever message, implement a 3D design, or hide a clue? Well, there you go!

Step Four: Choose your accessories.

With your design in mind, assemble what you need to personalize your water bottle. Here is your chance to make it yours with vibrant markers, paint, stickers, alphabet stickers, stencils, transfer paper, sparkling gemstones, a backpack clip or carabiner, bottle boot … the sky’s the limit. Much of what you need is found at Murdoch’s, including a lot of fun and creative Redbubble stickers.

Step Five: Make it yours.

Get to work. It is all up to you now. Have fun!

Step Six: Seal the deal.

Depending on the artwork applied to the water bottle, a food-safe sealant will help protect your creation and make it glisten.

Step Seven: Celebrate!

Look at that! You have created a water bottle that is too cool for school. So, show it off! At school, of course.