Bucket packed with goods

Bucket Packin’ Strategies: More Tips for Murdoch’s Bucket Sale

You have already read our guide to packing a women’s fashion bucket. But did you know that some of the best Bucket Sale discounts are elsewhere in the stores? Check out how we packed a bucket full of outdoor and sporting goods and saved 20% on all of it.

Discount Details


  • 20% off most everything packed into your bucket. Some exclusions may apply.
  • 10% off most everything else not packed into your bucket (includes ammo, optics, and reloading)
  • 5% off firearms
  • Extra 10-20% off clearance clothing and footwear
  • Free Murdoch’s 5-gallon bucket with purchases of $50 or more


    10% off + Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more with code BUCKETSALE at checkout

How it Works In-Store

  • Grab a bucket! Limit one bucket and one offer redemption per customer.
  • Fill your bucket. Everything packed into your bucket is 20% off.
  • All items must be in their original packaging and must be at least 50% inside a single Murdoch’s bucket to qualify for the 20% discount.
  • Shopping for more? Most items that cannot fit into your packed bucket are 10% off.
  • Firearms are 5% off, including clearance.
  • Ammo, optics, and reloading are 10% off.

Take your bucket home for FREE with your purchase of $50 or more, while supplies last.

Bucket Sale discounts valid in-store only 4/9/21 from 7:00-9:00PM MST with a valid Murdoch’s Service Plus Rewards account. See store to sign-up. Bucket Sale discounts valid in-stores and murdochs.com 4/10/21 only. LIMIT ONE BUCKET AND ONE OFFER REDEMPTION PER CUSTOMER. 20% discount applies to regularly priced and clearance in-stock merchandise packed inside the bucket at one time with some exclusions noted below. 20% discount is not available on Murdochs.com. All items must be in their original packaging and must reasonably fit inside a single Murdoch’s 5-gallon bucket (unaltered) at one time to qualify for the 20% discount. 20% discount does not apply to items in additional buckets. Additional qualified regularly priced and clearance items not packed in the bucket will receive the 10% discount. Firearms are 5% off, including clearance. Ammo, optics, and reloading are 10% off, including clearance. Customers with a purchase of $50 or more qualify to receive (1) one Murdoch’s 5-gallon bucket at no charge. Buckets are limited to stock on hand at the store’s discretion. Bucket color and design may vary by location. For items already on sale, you’ll get whichever discount is greater. Offers cannot be combined. Discounts are not valid on special orders; buy online, pick up in-store orders; gift cards; event tickets; donations; raffle tickets; services; live animals; and CanAm ATVs and UTVs. Some brands require us to exclude their products from this sale on Murdochs.com. See store or Murdochs.com/details for more information.

Bucket Packin’ Strategy: Outdoor & Sporting Goods

Do you remember playing Tetris on a Gameboy growing up? Surprise! There actually is a real-life scenario where those building-block skills will be put to beneficial use! Let’s find all the small, boxy items that fit in a Murdoch’s bucket and start strategizing how to pack them. These tips will help you save!

Packing Tips

  • If you want to include clothing, start with large items like shirts and shorts at the bottom. They form well to the bucket’s round shape, maximizing volume.
  • While we are talking about clothing, look for high-tech fabrics for two reasons: 1) they perform better outdoors and 2) they are usually thinner, taking up less space in your bucket.
  • Just like playing Tetris when you were younger, start piecing together your puzzle of outdoor gear and sporting goods.
  • Start with the largest items, filling in spaces with smaller and smaller items.
  • Try putting items with clam shell packaging against the wall of the bucket, and pack boxy items against the flat side of the packaging.
  • Whenever you can, place items of equal height next to each other, especially the short items. This will create an opportunity to stack a third layer.
  • Fill gaps with smaller soft items, like socks or a Buff, or taller tube shapes.
  • Fill up the crevices with gear ties and headlamps, or other small items that you lose often.
  • The top will be quite uneven – do not stop there! You can get a third layer in if you wedge larger items into the larger cavities (the cavities you made earlier by packing short items together). We were able to add a growler-sized water bottle, fly case and a gear bag. (The fly case and gear bag were easier because they were soft.)

Shopping Order

To make our example work, you will need to shop in this order:


    • Columbia fly fishing shirt
    • Kuhl breathable shorts
    • Buff

Larger Items That Fit

      • GoPro Hero4 camera
      • Frontiersman Bear Spray
      • 2 Yeti Ice
      • Leatherman Wave
      • Yeti rod holster
      • Buck Knife

Smaller Items For Filler

      • Nite Ize headlamp
      • Gear Ties
      • Dry Bag

Good Items For Top Tier

      • Hydroflask growler
      • Yeti sidekick
      • 30″ Murdoch’s Gear Bag

Bottom Line

    • Retail Price for the entire bucket: $954.87
    • Bucket Sale price for the entire bucket: $763.90
    • Savings: $190.97 (plus a free bucket)