Toy Trends

2020 Toy Trends

Murdoch’s helps kids experience the joy of outdoor life, the value of long-held traditions, the beauty in agriculture, and the responsibility of caring for animals; but it doesn’t stop with our “real-life” gear and supplies. Check out our favorite toys that help kids learn these ideals through play.

1. Puzzles: a home with a robust selection of puzzles is ripe for family time, and every generation can contribute. They became wildly popular earlier this year due to quarantines and families needing to find isolating activities. Refreshing your stockpile this winter is a proactive step for a few hours of problem-solving fun.

2. Arts & Crafts: when art class goes to remote learning, it pays to have a few hands-on-activities up your sleeve. They help kids unplug and turn on their imaginations. And if you’re hesitant to take on the potential mess they create, here are two easy-clean tips:

    1. buy a roll of kitchen butcher paper for painting projects. Paint on the matte side, and the shiny side underneath is waterproof to protect your table.
    2. for larger families or group projects, buy a waterproof mattress cover and use it to protect a table or floor from glue, paint, markers and more. If someone spills, it’s an easy wipe and just toss it in the washer.

3. Outdoor toys: being outside is a four-season gig. A snow sled is a wintertime must. But don’t overlook summer activities as gifts, too. Getting out the wiggles and giggles on a trampoline is with accessory packages that instigate new games and playful exercise. When you’re stuck at home, outside games are a great addition to your backyard.

4. Pet adoptions have skyrocketed this year, confirming what we’ve known all along: four-legged friends make great companions. Toys that replicate specific species of dogs and horses have always been some of our favorites. Seeing little ones play with toy animals in our store aisles only affirms for us that step one for kids to learn how to care for animals is: playing pretend.