Top Dog Names


We asked our customers for the names of their dogs. Oh, Boy!

Below, we have listed the most popular dog names and the most popular names for a few breeds. We also broke out the funniest (we think) and most unique names.

We owe all the customers who responded to the poll our heartfelt thanks. Let’s do this again sometime. Woof!


Most Popular Names


1. Sadie

2. Molly

3. Daisy

4. Bella

5. Bear

6. Ruger

7. Moose

8. Lucy

9. Hank

10. Duke

11. Charlie

12. Gunner


Top Names by Breed


Funniest Dog Names

  • Carl (Get off the road! A car'll hit ya.)
  • Pigletus Maximus
  • Chiquita Quesadilla del Carmen San Diego (aka Carmen)
  • The Barron Otto GD Von Fuzzbutt (aka Otto)
  • DuckDuck Goose On the Loose in Boulder Valley
  • Lucky Cance's Fowl Fetcher Just Call Me Tater
  • James Garner's a Gambling Man (aka Gambler)
  • Phineas Von Fluffy Nutterbutter
  • Montana Feather Fetcher of Boulder Valley
  • Calamity Roo the Wild Thing from Hell

Most Unique Dog Names

  • Moonshine Watson
  • Canela ("Cinnamon" in Spanish for a red merle)
  • Nani Koa (“Beautiful Warrior” in Hawaiian)
  • Pikku Karhu (“Little Bear” in Finnish) 
  • Meeko
  • Kenai