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Item # Rebate Name Details Offer Dates How to redeem
Various Winchester Earn $3 per box rebate on any purchase of Winchester Super-X and Double X turkey loads. Feb. 29, 2024-May 31, 2024 Winchester
Various Browning Earn $3 per box rebate on any purchase of Browning TSS Turkey Loads. Feb. 29, 2024-May. 31, 2024 Browning
Various Walther Arms x Federal • Buy a P22, get 200rds of Federal Punch .22LR ammo. 
• Buy a WMP, get 100rds of Federal Punch .22WMR ammo.
May 1, 2024-Jun. 30, 2024 Walther Arms x Federal
Various Kimber Qualifying purchases of eligible KDS9c or KDS9c Rail Models are eligible to receive a free set of high texture or very high texture grips, and two magazines. Jan. 1, 2024-Jul. 31, 2024 Kimber
Various Ruger Earn Ruger Rewards by purchasing a new Ruger Wrangler® (including the Super Wrangler) May 1, 2024-Jun. 16, 2024 Ruger
Various Rock Island Armory Buy a 22TCM Pistol, get 100rds and 17rd 22TCM magazine free. Jan. 1, 2024-Dec. 31, 2024  
Various Rock Island Armory Buy $1000 worth of RIA Firearms in 2024, get a Lever Action 410GA Shotgun free. Jan. 1, 2024-Dec. 31, 2024 (via promo code through advancedtactical.com)
Various Rock Island Armory Buy a STK100, get a free KCI 30rd Magazine for DY9/STK 100 Glock 17/19. Jan. 1, 2024-Dec. 31, 2024  
Various FN $150 FNX -45 Tactical, $125 509 Tactical and Edge Series, $100 509 Standard and MRD models, select FN pistols. Mar. 1, 2024-May 16, 2024 FN
Various Beretta Buy a 92X Performance, get $400 back. Buy a PMX, get $150 back. Feb. 15, 2024-Jun. 30, 2024  

Feb. 15 - May 15, 2024

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