backyard beekeeping supplies list

Backyard Beekeeping Supplies List

Exactly how much stuff does it take to become a beekeeper? And what is all of it used for? We pulled together a pretty comprehensive list of the beekeeping supplies that will help you keep your hive healthy, happy and thriving.

Here’s a list of equipment (and why it’s important) to help you get started on the road to successful beekeeping.

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☐ OUTER COVER protects the bees from harsh weather.
☐ INNER COVER makes removal of the outer cover easier.
☐ HONEY SUPERS are where bees will store honey and where a beekeeper will extract honey at the end of summer.
☐ HONEY FRAMES sit inside of the supers and is where honeycomb is made.
☐ QUEEN EXCLUDER allows worker bees to pass through but not the queen bee.
☐ BROOD CHAMBERS/DEEP SUPER are where all the eggs are laid and where the bees will store their honey for the winter.
☐ ENTRANCE REDUCER protects hive from intruders; prevents too much cold air from entering the hive during winter.
☐ BOTTOM BOARD creates an entrance into the hive and to help control mites problems.
☐ STAND promotes airflow and helps prevent the wood from rotting.

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☐ SUIT or JACKET, GLOVES, and VEIL to protect yourself when checking and installing hives.

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☐ BEE FEED provides proper nutrients for new bees with the first month and should be given upon installation.
☐ IN-HIVE FEEDERS to fill with bee feed and place in your hive.
☐ HIVE TOOL to pry open your hive, separating frames from the hive and scraping off excess and wild comb.
☐ UNCAPPING ANGLE KNIFE to cut off honey cappings before extraction.
☐ BEE BRUSH to gently sweep bees away from your hive or from unwanted spaces.
☐ BEE SMOKER & PELLETS to help relax your hive and reduce aggressive behavior while you manage your hive.
☐ DEEP BROOD BOXES to make splits, catch swarms, and for use as a honey super.
☐ POLLEN PATTIES stimulates growth and production for new bee packages and during spring, fall, and winter.

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☐ COMB SCRATCHER to puncture capped honey prior to extraction and will help open cells that an uncapping knife won’t reach.
☐ FRAME GRIPS to help pull frames from the hive without crushing bees.
☐ 5 GALLON HONEY BUCKET for honey extraction.
☐ HONEY METAL EXTRACTOR for the easiest honey extraction from the frames.
☐ HONEY SIEVE to screen particles and wax from honey after extraction.
☐ MITE AWAY STRIPS to reduce the number of Varroa mites.
☐ FUME BOARD and BEE QUICK to help drive bees into the brood chambers during harvest.
☐ ELECTRIC FENCE for those who live in bear country. Ask a Murdoch’s associate for more information.
☐ FLOWERS! Check out Murdoch’s Lawn & Garden Department and ask our bee associate for more information.

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