DIY Painted Hat

DIY Painted Cowboy Hat

Step-by-Step Instructions and Ideas for DIY Painting a Cowboy Hat

1. Gather Supplies:
  • A straw hat
  • A bowl
  • Acrylic paints
  • A variety of brushes
  • Paper plates or an egg carton
  • Stencils (if you aren’t exactly an artist)
  • Something to cover the table if you think it might get messy, like newspaper or a drop cloth
gather supplies

2. Put your hat upside down in the bowl. It will help you move and stabilize your hat while you’re painting it and letting it dry.
upside down

3. Squirt a generous blob of paint onto a paper plate for your first coat.

4. Using a 1-inch brush, apply your base coat to the underside of the brim, being careful to fill in the little crevices.
base coat

5. Hold your hat in the middle to avoid getting paint on your fingers. Along the edges, be careful not to accidentally get paint on the other side of the brim. Or, do like Quinn, and paint the brim’s trim piece on top and bottom. You can see in the photo she has a small blue lining on the top side of her brim.
paint brim

6. Let this coat dry. The paints I purchased said to let dry for an hour, but mine dried outside in the sunshine in less than 20 minutes. Touch up any thin areas, or if your paint is watery, apply a second coat.
let dry

7. Start adding details. I chose a polka dot pattern and applied it using a stencil foam brush and stencil.
add details

8. On the front of the brim, I had to be sure my stencil curved to fit the shape of the hat.

9. I chose random areas of the stencil to fill in any gaps in the pattern.
more stencils

10. Let the pattern dry.
let dry

11. Add another layer of details. I chose to try free-handing some flowers.
another layer

12. Let it dry, and head to a country music concert or rodeo!
let it dry

Total time: appx 2 hours, including drying time. This would be such a fun idea for kids to try this summer or as a birthday party activity. You could jazz it up for little girls with glitter or blingy rhinestones.

Other design ideas to try:
• Red, white & blue stars and stripes
• Camouflage
• Paw prints or dinosaur tracks
• Tribal print
• Bandanna pattern
• Follow the straw weave and paint rainbow colors
• Spiderweb
• Blue sky and clouds
• Find a shirt, boots or scarf that you like and mimic the pattern
• A favorite sports team or school mascot for tailgating
Share your ideas and pictures with Murdoch’s on facebook! We’d love to see what you come up with.

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