must have winter gifts for small dogs

Must Have Winter Gifts for Small Dogs

They’re small, but mighty! Mighty cute, that is. Our lovable little dogs deserve a little extra attention during the cold months. Small dogs, especially those with short or thin hair coats, can really get uncomfortable in lower temps. For example, the Mexican chihuahua was not bred for freezing conditions. If your small dog has been a little bit extra needy lately, try pampering him or her with one of these winter gifts for small dogs.

A plush, cozy dog bed hugs your small dog with warmth while he snoozes the day away.

Since small, sensitive dogs can’t go outside and play for long periods, give them something to do to avoid boredom. Chew sticks are a great option.

When you do go outside, walk in comfort and style with a new harness.

A plush toy makes a great friend for your small dog to cuddle with during bouts of Cabin Fever.

Give your small dog an extra layer of warmth and protection with this Critter Creed Oxford Dog Coat. It features reflective straps, and easy, comfortable velcro closures.