best toys for active dogs

The 8 Best Toys for Active Dogs

Here are Murdoch’s top picks for the best dog toys for active dogs. Our lovable canines make sincerely affectionate family members, but they really do need toys to keep them engaged and out of trouble. If your pooch is a fetch-obsessed chewer that requires extra tough, high-quality toys to keep him or her entertained, keep reading.

As we like to say, “Save a boot. Buy a dog toy.”

West Paw Design – Zogoflex Air Dash Dog Frisbee

Easy to throw. Fun to fetch. Soft to the touch. Say good-bye to your hard plastic, dented disc and upgrade to a new, high-flying favorite. We especially like this one from West Paw Design because it has air-injected technology to help it float. If your dog loves water, your dog will love this frisbee. View Now

Chuckit! Ultra Ball Launcher

This is an obvious choice. No trip to the dog park is complete without a Chuckit! ball thrower. Your dog needs lots of exercise, and this helpful ball launcher does the trick. For older dogs, toss the ball into a pond (because swimming is easier on their joints). Plus, you get to avoid the ooey-gooey slobber. We’re talkin’ major win. View Now

West Paw Designs Zogoflex Bumi Tug

For epic games of tug, this toy is a clear choice. It’s off-the-charts durable, easy on your dog’s teeth, and comes in fun colors. And, bonus: all Zogoflex toys from West Paw are dishwasher safe, because active dogs always seem to get into a mess. Be sure to order an appropriate size toy for your active dog. View Now

West Paw Designs Zogoflex Hurley

The Hurley will bounce in unexpected directions, keeping your dog on its toes during otherwise routine games of fetch. All Zogoflex toys float, making the Hurley a great option for water retrieves. Again, grab the right size for your pooch. View Now

Kong Wubba

This toy has extra fling-ability because of its tails. We also like the tails for dogs who are hesitant to drop their toy; the tails make it easy to grab out of a dog’s mouth. It is built with three layers of fun: non-abrasive, ultra durable nylon exterior, a heavy duty ball, and a squeaker ball inside that ball. View Now

Busy Buddy Chuckle Treat Toy

When we don’t entertain our dogs, they usually find entertainment in not-so-pleasing ways. Digging, barking, chewing table legs: any of this sound familiar? This toy keeps their mind engaged as they work their treats out of the toy, which makes a noise to tell you that they are occupied. Brilliant. No noise? Time to check on Max. View Now

Kong Extreme

This is Kong’s signature product and a staple for any active dog owner. Fill it with peanut butter for an extra special treat. View Now

Mammoth Pets Braidys 4-Knot Tug, Colossal

Here’s a back-to-basics classic. A rope with a few tug knots – plus your love and affection – will make your pup happy any day. View Now

What are your favorites? Did we miss any?