healthy mouth for dogs

A Healthy Mouth for Dogs in 3 Steps

The following information about encouraging a healthy mouth for dogs was written and provided by Natural Balance. As always, consult your veterinarian if you have specific concerns about the health of your pet. 

We are partial to Natural Balance® Dental Chews for dogs, scientifically formulated to support healthy teeth and gums.

We brush our teeth every day and visit the dentist a few times a year, but do you do the same for your pet?  We feel great when we have a healthy mouth – and your pet does, too!  Luckily, with all the resources available now, it’s easy to take charge of your pet’s dental health by taking three steps:

  1. Schedule regular veterinary evaluations
  2. Brush their teeth daily
  3. Treat them with specifically designed treats

Dog Treat Options

If your pet is on a special diet like a limited ingredient diet, you may be concerned about finding a dental treat that contains only specific ingredients. However, there are many dental treats available today that take into account such concerns.  Natural Balance® offers several limited ingredient dental chews that contain limited premium ingredients in a grain-free formula. 

Bad Breath

Speaking of, bad breath can be an indicator that something in your pet’s mouth needs attention, so if your dog or cat’s breath smells bad, be sure to let your veterinarian know.  Treats like Greenies® Dental Dog Chews can also assist by helping to reduce tartar, which may also reduce bad breath. When it comes down to it, your veterinarian is the best resource in keeping your pet’s teeth clean.  He or she can assess your pet’s dental health when you visit them twice a year for checkups and recommend or perform a cleaning. And don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have during your visit.

Clean Routine

Your veterinarian can help you establish a cleaning routine for your pet, and recommend products that will help keep your pet’s mouth clean and healthy, like cleaning solutions and even toothpastes and brushes that help you clean their teeth. Daily brushing is the most important way to help reduce further dental problems. In addition to brushing, good products to keep on hand are clean water and food bowls, and appropriately selected dental treats.

Once you have these items, set aside a specific time every day to clean your pet’s teeth and gums.  And don’t forget to reward them with a Dental Chew for being good while Mommy or Daddy was cleaning their teeth!

 As a pet parent, it’s up to you to make sure your best friend is fed, comfortable, and happy.  And if your pet has a healthy mouth, he will feel fresh and clean.  With so many options available today, you can easily find a good dental treat that fits in with your pet’s diet.  Now that you know how to help keep your pet’s mouth clean and breath fresh, he or she will surely thank you, and your friends and family will, too!