Murdoch's is Pet Friendly

Murdoch's is Pet Friendly

One of our very least favorite things to see is a pet inside a dangerously hot car in our parking lot. Please bring ‘em into our stores with you! We even have treats for them at our cashier stands.

We love it when you put your friendly dogs on a leash, and walk them into our stores. As a pet-friendly business, Murdoch’s welcomes them all year, but we especially love when you take advantage of this little shopping perk during the hot summer months. We even have loaner leashes for you to borrow.

Aside from the fact that our team members love meeting your furry friends:

  • It keeps your pet happy
  • It also keeps you happy
  • It keeps other customers who are concerned about your pet happy
  • It keeps city animal management departments happy
  • And it keeps your pet safe, which is the most important reason

Here are a few Hot Weather Hazards to be aware of, provided by a reputable animal shelter that serves our Denver area stores. It is good information for everyone to remember during the summertime.

And it’s worth noting: even though we see dogs most frequently, we welcome all of your (well-behaved) animals to visit!