Murdoch's Now Selling Merrick Pet Food

Murdoch's Stores Now Selling Merrick Pet Food

Introducing a new option for pet parents! Merrick pet food is now available at all Murdoch’s locations. We are carrying dog and cat food from this brand. We wanted to tell you a little bit about this company and its food, in case it’s new to you.

Recipes are made with the highest quality ingredients.

Merrick tries to source everything from USA farmers, with the exception of lamb from New Zealand and rabbit from France. Per its website: “We’ll go to great lengths to make the best food ever, […] We buy fresh ingredients like real chicken, beef and sweet potatoes from family farms across the country…” That’s pretty cool.

Merrick’s production is all in the USA. 

Per its website: “There’s no substitute for home cooking. That’s why we’ve made Merrick [dry and canned] recipes in our own kitchen for more than 25 years. We buy our own ingredients, create our own recipes and package every bag and can of Merrick in one place.” It means they own and control 100% of the production process, which translates to complete quality control.

Its recipes are uncompromising.

Merrick is an all-natural food made in small batches. From its Backcountry pet food that is infused with freeze dried raw meat pieces to its wide variety of Grain Free recipes, Merrick is selective about using fresh  de-boned meats, fruits and vegetables that deliver on flavor and quality.