The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your Dog

Have you decided to add a four-legged friend to your family? Congratulations! Bringing a puppy home is an exciting time for your family, and it also comes with a few responsibilities. From finding the best food and treats for your puppy and choosing a training method to buying items to keep your home clean, there are several things to consider as a soon-to-be dog parent. To make your life a little easier as you navigate this new and exciting adventure, here is a guide to all the items you’ll need from Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply.


Puppyhood begins with the cutest pair of eyes, a lack of coordination, and the excitement of bringing home the newest member of your family. However, before you bring your four-legged friend home, there are a few items to purchase.


Your puppy’s health is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, we offer several food options for your convenience! When you’re finding food for your puppy, there are a few factors to consider. One, you should know that puppy food is different than adult dog food. Puppy food has a higher number of calories per cup to ensure your puppy has all the nutrients it needs to grow and be happy. Second, it’s important to find a kibble that is small enough for your new pet to chew. Big pieces can be difficult for little puppy teeth to chew. Consider the breed and size of your growing pup before you buy puppy food, as there are different types of puppy foods for small, medium, and large-breed dogs.

Third, be sure to speak with who you’re getting your puppy from so you can get the proper food for your new pet’s health. If the previous owner, breeder, or adoption center has already been giving your pup one food, you may need to ween them off of it so you can confidently switch to the new food you’ve picked out.

Here at Murchoch’s, we offer several food options for dogs of all sizes and ages. We carry Hill’s Science Diet, Taste of the Wild, Natural Balance L.I.D., Purina, Merrick, Diamond, Blue Buffalo, and more! It’s always best to speak with your veterinarian, too, to ensure your puppy is getting the proper food for their body’s needs.


Puppies love treats! Because of this, you need to purchase high-quality treats that offer nutritional value as well as a yummy taste. High-quality treats often use limited ingredients and offer a source of protein for your growing puppy. Murdoch’s carries all sorts of treats for your convenience, including Earth Animal, Stella & Chewy’s, Greenies, Wholesomes, Beggin’ Strips, Savory Prime, and more! We also carry various chews from Greenies that help maintain oral health and give your dog fresh breath! You can also purchase raw hide and pig ears to keep your pup busy.

Keep in mind that finding tasty treats for your puppy will be helpful when it comes time for training! A pup that loves their treats will be more willing to learn how to use the bathroom outside as well as learn how to sit, lay down, shake, and otherwise behave while relaxing inside with your family. That’s why we carry treat training pouches for your convenience!

Training Supplies

Pet Training Pads

There are many aspects of training to consider before you bring your puppy home. First, let’s look at pet training pads. Many dog owners use these when first training their puppies. They can be very helpful when teaching your puppy that their sleeping area is separate from their bathroom area. When your pup is left home alone for a few hours, they can use the training pads and learn to not go to the bathroom on your floors!

Exercise Pen

Exercise pens are useful both indoors and outdoors. If you’d like to keep your puppy confined to one space when you’re not home, the exercise pen can be set up with their training pad, food, water, some toys, and a bed. This way, your pup can eat, drink, play, sleep, and use the bathroom all in one safe space while you’re away. There are several size kennels to choose from, too, to ensure your pup has the right amount of space for their needs. Exercise pens are also easily transportable if you’d like to bring your puppy to a friend’s house for the afternoon!

Pet Gates

To keep your puppy from getting upstairs, we recommend getting a pet gate! Our pet gate securely blocks stairs, doorways, and other spaces you don’t want your dog getting into. Plus, it can be pressure mounted between two walls to ensure the gate doesn’t fall on your pup. This product provides pet owners with control to set boundaries with their new puppies!

Fencing and Collars

When it comes to fencing in your yard for your puppy, there are several options to consider. Murdoch’s offers a few fencing and collar options to properly train your pup. First, we offer an in-ground fence that pairs with a collar. The collar features a static corrector to ensure your puppy stays in its designated area, which can be up to 10 acres. These rechargeable and waterproof collars are ideal for stubborn pups who don’t want to stay within their boundary lines.

We also offer an in-ground fence expander kit. This includes wiring, boundary flags, wire connectors, and splice kits. This expander kit is especially helpful when you first set up your in-ground fence because you can show your pup their boundaries in your yard. After they’ve learned where they can navigate safely, you can take down the boundary flags. 

We have bark collars specifically designed for training to hunt or general behavioral training. The bark collars have corrections that range from beeps and pressure to shock or vibration.

Kennels and Crates

Purchasing a high-quality kennel is also an important task to take care of before you bring your new puppy home. Kennels serve as safe spaces for puppies when they’re sleeping or when they’re left home alone for short periods. Your puppy’s kennel should be big enough for them to sit and lay comfortably, so it’s important to consider how much your dog will grow in the first few months they’re home with your family. Many pet owners don’t realize the importance of having a good-quality kennel for their puppies but they are crucial for your pet’s comfortability during their training period. Keep in mind that many crates and kennels are expandable and have moveable interior walls, too. They can be made small for the puppy to feel safe and then expand as your dog grows!

Collars and Leashes

Many dogs need daily walks to stay in shape and get the exercise they need. However, when it comes to walking a puppy, it’s easy to get frustrated because they don’t know how to walk with their human yet! Puppies are oftentimes distracted by other animals, like squirrels, bunnies, and other dogs being walked. With the right collar and leash, though, you can train your puppy with ease. We have a variety of leashes, collars, and harnesses to choose from for your convenience.


As your puppy grows up, you may begin considering other aspects of pet parenthood that you didn’t focus on during puppyhood. For example, you may find that your dog’s feeding area is unorganized. Fortunately, Murdoch’s variety of products for pet parents will come in handy. Let’s review some you may be interested in below!

Adjusting Your Dog’s Feeding Area

When you first bring your puppy home, you’re just learning how to take care of your puppy. However, once the training period ends and you’ve established a daily routine with your dog, it may be time to make some upgrades to their feeding area to improve flow and convenience for you. Murdoch’s offers non-spill pet bowls, heated pet bowls, adjustable height food bowls, slow feeders, tall feeders, automatic feeders and water bowls, and more. You can create a comfortable space for your dog to eat their meals and drink water each day!

Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy

A major aspect of dog ownership is maintaining their health. Fortunately, Murdoch’s has an assortment of products you can keep at home to use when you need them! We have wound care spray, ear mite treatment, vitamins and supplements, tick, flea, and mosquito repellant, eye wash, and much more. It’s best to consult with your veterinarian before purchasing any health-related products for your dog to ensure the best results.


Another part of keeping your dog healthy and happy is ensuring they get enough sleep. This starts with a comfortable dog bed that has plenty of room for your four-legged friend to stretch out and curl up. We even carry heated dog mats to keep your pet toasty while they enjoy their daily naps.

Upgrading Your Dog’s Toy Selection

As your dog grows, their toy selection will grow, too! Murdoch’s has an abundance of fun toy options for your four-legged friend. We have fuzzy and squeaky toys in all shapes and sizes as well as kongs to fill with tasty peanut butter or cheese, tennis balls, and more. To keep your dog engaged, we also offer interactive treat puzzles, which will keep them entertained while you’re cooking dinner, helping your kids with their homework, or cleaning your kitchen. Check out our toy selection and choose some fun additions for your dog!

Learning More About Best Grooming Practices

It can be intimidating to learn how to groom your dog, but it becomes easier with practice and the right tools and products. We offer high-quality dog brushes and rakes, nail clippers, medicated shampoo and conditioner, dog slickers, blades, and more. Oftentimes, puppy and young adult dogs need baths more often because they find more ways to get dirty. However, the frequency of dog grooming and bathing is dependent on the size, breed, and type of fur your dog has. It’s best to consult with your veterinarian and an expert dog groomer on what frequency they’d recommend based on your dog’s needs.

Seasonal Essentials


Many individuals enjoy spending time outside during the winter months, and you may be interested in bringing your dog with you! Fortunately, Murdoch’s has all the essentials you and your dog will need to stay warm and safe. We have an assortment of comfortable clothing, boots, gloves, socks, and more to keep you warm during your outdoor activities. We also carry lights and reflective jackets when it’s dark outside. To keep your dog safe, we also have remote transmitter and collar receiver packs to keep you and your four-legged helper connected at all times. You can even purchase additional collars if you have another dog to bring along.

Murdoch’s also has a variety of winter recreation items, like snowshoes, ice cleats, sleds, and more to bring along on a day of outdoor fun with your family and dog. To keep your four-legged friend cozy on a winter day, we have functional coats, sweaters, and boots to outfit your dog with! They’ll be able to walk through the snow with ease, and they’ll love being outdoors with you all day long with all the accessories we offer here at Murdoch’s.


In the summer months, your family and dog will likely spend as much time outside as possible to soak up the sun! Install a handy in-ground fence for your dog to stay safe all summer long. If your family enjoys camping on the weekends, we have all the supplies to keep your family cozy and safe, including camp clothing, bedding, cooking supplies, lighting, chairs, tents, first aid kids, storage organizers, and more. You can pack all your dog supplies in a handy storage container, like food, treats, coats, leashes, harnesses, tick, flea, and mosquito spray, waste bags, toys, and more. 

If you’d like to take your dog on walks while camping or on hiking trails near your home, it’s important to stay safe on those summer days and nights. We have backpacks to hold your water, snacks, first aid supplies, flashlights, and more. We even have trekking poles that helps you keep up with your four-legged friend while hiking long distances!

Cleaning Supplies

Whether it’s winter sludge or summertime mud, your dog loves playing outside and tracking their daytime activities into your home. Murdoch’s various cleaning supplies can help you keep your home paw print-free all year long! We have all-purpose cleaners, carpet and upholstery spot removers, air fresheners, pressure washes, antibacterial disinfectants, and more. If your pup tracks some mud on your carpet, you can spot-clean the area and use an air freshener to make the space look and smell as good as new. 

Puppies in the process of being potty trained tend to have accidents in the house, which is why we also offer a top-quality urine destroyer that will immediately make your furniture or carpet smell fresh after a clean-up.

Yard Supplies

Your yard serves as your dog’s bathroom, which means keeping your grass waste-free is important. We offer a variety of yard cleaning supplies, including pooper scoopers in several sizes; if your puppy is going to grow into a big dog, remember that you will need the biggest pooper scooper we offer! We also have rake scoopers for your convenience. 

It’s important to keep your community and neighbors’ yards clean, too. Purchase a handy doggy bag dispenser with bag refills from Murdoch’s so you can clean up your dog’s waste when you take them for a walk around your neighborhood or in a local park. Your fellow community members will appreciate your due diligence.

When you walk your dog, you may come across other creatures outside. For example, your dog could be sprayed by a skunk, which is why we have a high-quality skunk odor eliminator you can use as soon as your dog encounters this animal. We also offer a probiotic deodorizer to keep your pup smelling fresh and clean between washes, which is especially helpful to use after a long walk outside. This way, your home won’t smell like dirty leaves once you bring your dog home after a long day outside. 

Get All the Dog Supplies You Need in One Place

From puppyhood to adulthood to your dog’s senior years, Murdoch’s has all the supplies you could possibly need for your four-legged friend. From high-quality foods, tasty treats, and tick sprays to cozy beds, spacious kennels, and a variety of fun toy options, you can keep your dog entertained, well-fed, and happy for years to come. Importantly, we offer a variety of goods that pet owners can utilize to keep their homes clean.

Whether you’d like to take your dog on a hunting trip, a weekend camping escapade, or a day of hiking trails in your community, we have all the goods that keep you and your dog safe and happy. Check out Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply’s many categories of supplies for your dog today!