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Advanced Weed Control

As a landowner, understanding your weed management options is a big responsibility. Local weed districts, your state department of agriculture, and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service are valuable resources.

Murdoch's has created this helpful reference for those who rely on chemical applications for weed control. Buying bulk chemical, mixing, and spraying is often effective, but only if you take precautions to use the right chemical in the right way. At Murdoch's, our local team members can offer expert advice. We hope to be one of many resources available to you; we sell natural, organic, and synthetic control products.





Weed Response to Pasture
& Rangeland Herbicides

weed control chart


Application Guidelines for Herbicides
Labeled for Range & Pasture

Vigilance to guidelines is necessary when applying herbicide on property foraged by beef and non-lactating dairy animals, horses, sheep, goats, and llamas.

Grazing Restrictions Chart

Lactating dairy animals do not graze or harvest green forage from treated area until the next growing season. No restrictions for other grazing animals. ‡ No Feeding or grazing restrictions if application is 2 quarts [2 qt lf(liquid flowable)]; wait 8 weeks.

***May apply to low input hay i.e. dry land alfalfa and grass hay. Do not use on high input hay tha tis irrigated and fertilized.


Chemical Application Rates & Tidbits

Chemical Application chart

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