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4 Lawn & Garden Innovations We Love. And You Will, Too

Our favorite four innovations to hit the lawn and garden market are detailed here. Some make maintenance work easier and less time-consuming by leveraging smartphone technology. One takes humans largely out of the equation. And one added a hinge – an uncomplicated upgrade with big benefits.

1. Personal Wi-Fi Weather Station

Hobbyist gardeners and lifetime farmers and ranchers have always loved their rain gauges and outdoor thermometers – with good reason. This weather station takes on-site monitoring to a whole new level. When you download the La Crosse View app, you can connect your station via WiFi to your smartphone and view everything on the go. And we mean everything:

  • Actual indoor/outdoor temp, plus "feels like" temp
  • High/low records with time/date stamp
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed data
  • Rainfall data
  • Barometric info

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2. Automowers

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to be forever relieved of mowing the lawn. Husqvarna is leading the way with robotic automowers designed to give you back hours of your summer. They do require some setup time, but with the intuitive interfaces and easy-to-follow instructions Husqvarna has setup customers for success.

Robot mowers come in three models, each one capable of mowing a specific size range of lawn:

  • 315X mows up to 0.4 acres
  • 430X mows up to 0.8 acres
  • 450X mows up to 1.25 acres

Coolest Features:

  • They are amazing in tight spaces and slopes.
  • They even work in the rain… when your traditional mower won’t.
  • It navigates using GPS, which also enables theft tracking.
  • You can control it from your smartphone by sending it start, stop, and park commands wherever you are.
  • Connect it to other in-home technology like Google Home and Alexa.

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3. Trimmers: Folding Handles

DeWalt’s new folding trimmer series is a breath of fresh air. A folding hinge shortens the trimmer by 40% to make it incredibly easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to fit in dang near any vehicle. It’s also very easy to ship, making it available to ship from Murdochs.com. It’s a simple upgrade with huge benefits.

Changing the trimmer strings is fast and easy. The models are compatible with DeWalt batteries, which means no additional battery investment if you already own the DeWalt power tool batteries.

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4. Expandable Hoses

For light duty, basic residential use there is no better hose category than newly introduced expandable hoses. These hoses stretch from the inside out when water flows through them. They enlarge because they are made of at least two layers: an inner flexible tube and an outer protective fabric. They literally never kink, are lightweight, and are quite portable.

We especially love this particular expandable hose from Fitt Flow. It stores at 25 feet long but extends to 50 feet when water pressure is turned on. The kit comes with:

  • One multi-pattern nozzle
  • Quality storage bag
  • 6-layer hose for additional puncture prevention
  • 5-year warranty
  • No PVCs or pfthalates, and is drinking water safe

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