Lawn & Garden Resources

At Murdoch’s, we hope to be your trusted, go-to resource to find the right products and advice for all of your lawn, garden, and landscape needs. But there are a ton of other resources out there that make this hobby fun, educational, social, and (in the case of weed management) will even keep you aligned with local regulations.

Murdoch’s hope this list of organizations and resources helps you, and we hope we get the chance to help, too. Find a Murdoch’s near you.

Garden Clubs

Garden Clubs promote an affinity for gardening and floral design as well as civic and environmental responsibility. They organize educational programs and social networking events to bring gardeners together.

Colorado Federation of Garden Clubs
Denver Urban Gardens
Garden Clubs of Idaho
Montana Federation of Garden Clubs
National Garden Club
Federated Garden Clubs of Nebraska
Wyoming Federation of Garden Clubs

University Extension Gardening Programs

Extension offices are vital research hubs that put on community events, hold lectures and courses, and answer your farming and gardening questions.

Colorado State Extension Yard & Garden
University of Idaho Extension Landscapes & Garden
Montana State University Extension Yard & Garden Program
Montana Federation of Garden Clubs
Nebraska Extension – Community Environment
University of Wyoming Extension Horticulture

Master Gardener Programs

Local community members take courses via a university extension service. They typically cover lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers and gardens. It is common for these trained, certified Master Gardeners to promote the art and science of gardening in local outreach programs, becoming community stewards

Colorado Master Gardener
Idaho Master Gardener
Montana Master Gardener Program
Nebraska Master Gardener
Wyoming Master Gardener

4-H Projects

While well-known for guiding youth in agricultural expertise, the breadth of 4-H project work is much more diverse than agriculture alone. Local clubs commonly host gardening projects and are an amazing place for youngsters to learn the art and science.

Native Plant Societies

These clubs have a specific appreciation for the plant communities that are native to their states. They work to conserve these populations by hosting education, research, general communication, and activities.

Colorado Native Plant Society
Idaho Native Plant Society
Montana Native Plant Society
Nebraska Native Plant Society
Wyoming Native Plant Society

Weed Control Resources

Some weeds pose greater threats than others. As such, they are regulated by the government and landowners are legally required to control them. These are noxious weeds, and the following state associations can help identify and recommend management practices. Start here to find county-level support.

Colorado Weed Management Association
Idaho Noxious Weed Control Association
Montana Weed Control Association, Weed ID
Nebraska Weed Control Association
Wyoming Weed & Pest Control

Other Helpful Tools

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map Use this map to understand your local climate tendencies. All garden center plants are labeled with a hardiness number that correlates to this map. Knowing your zone means you can choose plants most likely to thrive.
Farmer’s Almanac Trusted for generations, this publication has earned a reputation for offering sage advice and sound guidance for more than 200 years. We love their planting guides
Planttalk Colorado A service of CSU Extension, find videos and blog articles that span 600 horticultural topics that are timely and relevant for Colorado residents (and, really, anyone else in the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 4-ish landscape).