Pre-built furniture

Murdoch’s Pre-Built Furniture

Fully assembled furniture is available at Murdoch’s

Did you know Murdoch’s pre-builds a selection of the furniture we sell? Well, we do!

For the convenience of our customers we assemble many ready-to-assemble products so you don’t have to. Let’s face it, assembling a product at home can take up a lot of time and, beyond that, is one of two things: easy or difficult. Parts, pieces, instructions, a confusing thingamajig, and … what, a missing bolt!

At Murdoch’s, we know that assembling furniture can be difficult. We also know thingamajigs and have spare bolts. The ready-to-assemble products are in capable hands. Our experts assemble the product, whether a bench, chair, picnic table, stool, or porch swing, and put it in tiptop shape before you take it home.

While purchasing a product fully assembled at Murdoch’s can save you precious time, you need to make sure the product has space in your home or office. Can you get the chair through the door? Also, can you even get that porch swing home?

Murdoch’s does not have a delivery service, but we will be happy to help you load your new purchase into a truck or onto a trailer. We are here for you!