Bucket Packin’ Strategies: Make the Most of Murdoch’s Bucket Sale

Murdoch’s Bucket Sale is one of the best times to save big on almost everything in our stores. 

Prior to hitting this year’s sale, plan your bucket-packing strategy! We've offered some space- and money-saving tips below.

Bucket Packin’ Strategy

Let's look at how to make your items fit — and save you money.

Clothing & Boots Packing Tips

  • Start with large items like shirts and shorts at the bottom. They form well to the bucket’s round shape, maximizing volume.
  • Look for high-tech fabrics because they perform better outdoors and they are usually thinner, taking up less space in your bucket.
  • Roll up small items like tank tops, socks, and leggings. Put them into the boot shaft.
  • Items like jeans form rigid squares when you fold them. Put those in the bottom. There will be a gap between the square item and the round bucket edges.
  • Fill the gap with the boot shaft, upside down. The soles will stick out.
  • Use wallets and ball caps to fill any other gaps.
  • Stack other flexible T-shirts, puffy vests, scarves, and sweatshirts between the boots.
  • Stabilize it all by belting the boots together.
  • There’s always a crevice to fill with a necklace or earrings!

Outoor & Sporting Goods Packing Tips

  • Think about piecing the contents of your bucket like a puzzle.
  • Start with the largest items, filling in spaces with smaller and smaller items.
  • Try putting items with clam-shell packaging against the wall of the bucket, and pack boxy items against the flat side of the packaging.
  • Where possible, place items of equal height next to each other, especially short items. This will create opportunities for layers.
  • Fill gaps with smaller soft items, like socks or a buff, or taller tube shapes.
  • Fill up the crevices with gear ties and headlamps, or other small items.

For More Packing Tips, Watch The Experts In Action

  • Need some bucket-filling inspiration? Watch our themed buckets get filled by an expert. Whatever is destined for your bucket — clothing, tools, pet toys, whatever — we've got you covered!

How it Works In-Store

  • Grab a bucket! Limit one bucket and one offer redemption per customer.
  • Fill your bucket.  Everything packed into your bucket will recieve the highest discount.
  • All items must be in their original packaging and must be at least 50% inside a single Murdoch’s bucket to qualify for discount.
  • Shopping for more? Most items that cannot fit into your packed bucket recieve a lower discount

Take your bucket home for FREE with your purchase of $50 or more, while supplies last.

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