Rodeo Athlete Q&A  - Sage Newman

Rodeo Athlete Q&A

Murdoch’s partnered with three rodeo athletes: 

What have you always wanted to ask a rodeo athlete? We collected questions from our employees and customers to ask three of our favorite rodeo stars: Haven Meged, Shelby Boisjoli and Sage Newman. Check out their answers below!  


Q: How many years have you been rodeoing? 

Haven Meged: This is my fourth year professionally.  


Haven Meged

Q: How do you handle any negativity from fans or other competitors? 

Haven Meged: Just don’t pay attention to them! 

Sage Newman: They don’t bother me too much. I just like to go and prove them wrong.  


Q: What is your favorite Murdoch’s product? For rodeo or on the ranch? 

Haven Meged: There are too many to choose from! Murdoch’s has everything you need for either lifestyle. 


Q: How did you get started rodeoing? 

Haven Meged: I always roped when I was younger and got to go to a couple local rodeos. I fell in love with it! 


Q: What item can you not live with on the road? 

Haven Meged: My Yeti cooler! 


Q: What advice would you give a young rodeo athlete that you wish you would’ve been given?  

Haven Meged: To learn how to lose at a younger age.  


Q: What song is on repeat on your playlist? 

Haven Meged: Can’t just pick one! 

Sage Newman: Keep on Rollin’ by King George. 


Q: How do you mentally prepare for each run?  

Haven Meged: I just try to keep it simple. I just want to hit the barrier and get the neck and tie the calf down! I don’t try to add all the other stuff in there. 

Sage Newman:: Visualize what’s going to happen. Stay loose and cool. Just ‘stache and bash! 

Sage Newman


Q: Any tips for the young guys?  

Haven Meged: Never give up and don’t ever settle for being average. 


Q: How often did you practice roping the dummy as a kid?  

Haven Meged: All day every day. 


Q: What kind of grass rope do you use?  

Haven Meged: Good Ropes. 


Q: What is your favorite arena to rope in besides the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas? 

Haven Meged: St. Paul. 


Q: What do you do when you’re not competing? Hobbies for fun? 

Haven Meged: Check on my cows and go golfing.  

Sage Newman:: Hunting, ranching, any outdoor activities! 


Q: Do you have a side hustle? 

Shelby Boisjoli: Yes! I train and sell breakaway horses (and prospects), as well as hosting clinics. 


Shelby Boisjoli

Q: Advice for not second guessing yourself when you’re backing into the box? 

Shelby Boisjoli: You can’t think negative and positive at the same time. Work hard in the practice pen so when you show up you can focus on your start and let muscle memory work from there. There’s no need to let any other thoughts in. Just the start! Get it done – and when you back into the box, remember that you’re the best that ever walked. You have to tell yourself that, and you have to BELIEVE it.  


Q: Best advice for ropers struggling with their mental game?  

Shelby Boisjoli: Don’t ever tell yourself you’re struggling with your mental game. Don’t even make it a thing. Work hard and show up to make your run. I hate hearing people say, “I’m in a slump.” You can always work on things but saying you’re in a slump or struggling means that you’re keeping a record of those past mistakes. It doesn’t matter once it has happened. 


Q: Do you remember what made you want to rodeo? 

Sage Newman:: My family was in the rodeo business, and I just grew up to love the sport! 


Q: How old were you when you decided you wanted to ride broncs? 

Sage Newman:: I’ve always enjoyed the classic events, but I started riding broncs in my sophomore year of high school. 


Q: What is your favorite regular season rodeo? 

Sage Newman:: Bucking on the grass at Pendleton Roundup! 


Q: What product that ISN’T rodeo gear can you not live without when you’re on the road? 

Sage Newman:: No better way to get down the road than in my Serro Scotty, and as many Murdoch’s products as I can fit!