Pre-Season Equipment Checkup

Pre-Season Equipment Checkup

Are you ready to launch your lawn and garden projects? Is your power equipment? The two are not mutually exclusive.

After a winter of storage your outdoor power equipment may need maintenance to get back into prime operation. Even if you have winterized your equipment, spring maintenance will benefit any power tool after a long hibernation.

Did you know Murdoch’s pre-builds a selection of the furniture we sell? Well, we do!

Prior to using your equipment perform a simple checkup on each piece. A checkup will help to optimize its performance or identify any issues that may need repair. After the review of your power equipment, if you have questions or need parts, supplies, or even new equipment, a Murdoch’s employee stands ready with advice.

Also, if you purchased a Honda, STIHL, or Husqvarna at Murdoch’s, we service what we sell. We honor all manufacturers’ warranties. If your local store does not have a service center, Murdoch’s will send your equipment to the closest center to be serviced. Once it a repaired and ready to be picked up, we will give you a call.

Let’s start with a review of mowers.

Walk-Behind Power Mowers

  • Siphon and dispose of any stale fuel left over from the end of the last season. Your mower may not start without fresh fuel.
  • Check the oil and replace if necessary. It should be replaced after every 20-50 hours of operation, depending on the mower.
  • Do the blades need sharpened? A sharp blade will make a dramatic difference to how your mower cuts your lawn.
  • Clear the cutting deck, or undercarriage, of any grass clippings. Unless the deck was cleared after the last season, there could be a hardened layer of clippings to clear.
  • Check the pull cords. Are they working properly? Are they frayed?
  • Check the chassis and attachments for loose bolts and screws. Everything tight?
  • Are all the plugs and coverings connected and working properly?

Riding Mowers

  • Is the battery charged? Charge the battery before reinstalling it.
  • Tighten and clean electrical connections.
  • Clean the spark plugs and spark plug wires. Dirty, worn, or loose spark plug wires may keep your mower from starting.
  • Inflate the tires to the proper pressure.

Now let's look at trimmers and blowers


  • Check the spool. Is it full? Is the cutter head clean?
  • Tighten all connections and fasteners.
  • Clear the air intake vents of grime and debris.

Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

  • Check the vacuum tube or inlet cover. Is it in decent shape and locked in place? Is the safety tab in good shape?
  • Secure all nuts and bolts, as necessary. Next check the handles and straps to ensure they are in working order.

You can run a review of most other power equipment using a variety of the steps mentioned above. If you encounter problems or your equipment will not run properly, or at all, Murdoch’s stands ready to support you.