Chainsaw Sharpening Tips

With a little chainsaw maintenance, you can ensure the best performance from your equipment. From using STIHL files and guides to keep your chain sharp to checking that the depth gauge is set correctly, this video shows the proper method to sharpen a chainsaw.

  • A properly sharpened chain produces large uniform chips. When your saw starts producing finer sawdust, you know it’s time to sharpen your chain.
  • Inspect your chain and look for the cutter in the worst condition. You’ll want to start with this tooth.
  • Ultimately, you want every tooth on the chain to be sharpened the same and to be the same length.
  • Before beginning the sharpening process, make sure your chain is snug on the bottom of the bar rail and place the bar in a vice.
  • Use the proper filing guide throughout the process for the best results.
  • In most cases, your chain will require the same amount of filing strokes on each cutter.
  • After filing your cutters, be sure your depth gauge is properly set using the proper tools.