Maintenance Tips for Fall

STIHL Power Equipment Maintenance Tips for Fall

Falling temperatures mean it is time to get gasoline-powered outdoor power equipment ready for a winter nap.

Before you tuck in power tools for the winter, ensure they are maintained for top performance and ready to roar this spring and for years to come. These steps will get you there:

Step 1: Drain the fuel.

Fuel deteriorates with age, becoming corrosive and detrimental to fuel lines and other components. Using a clean funnel, empty the fuel tank into a portable storage container and dispose of it in an environmentally safe manner. Clean the fuel cap.

Step 2: Run the engine until it stops.

Idling the engine until it stops running will remove the fuel remaining in the fuel system. Do not rev the engine. Once stopped, set the choke and try restarting the engine. If it starts, let it idle again until it stops. That will ensure an empty system.

Step 3: Inspect and clean the equipment.

Check everything. Tighten screws and replace missing ones. Ensure all housings and other components are secure. Clean or replace sparkplugs and air filters. Repair or replace damaged components. Replace frayed starter cords.

For chainsaws, brush wood chips and sawdust from behind the sprocket cover. For edgers, clean dirt and debris from the cutting guard. For trimmers, clean grass from inside the deflector and cutting line head. For hedge trimmers, clean and lubricate the cutting blades.

Step 4: Properly store the equipment.

Store the equipment in a dry, dust- and frost-free place and out of reach of children. Many hand-held units can be hung on a wall, saving space and putting the equipment out of the reach of kids. Never store equipment near a heat or ignition source.