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How does Murdoch's stay involved in the communities we serve?

Murdoch’s always has been, and always will be, actively involved in community-based partnerships that enhance the lives of our customers and employees. It’s just the right thing to do. This commitment to our communities is a long-standing tradition at our company, and it forms the foundation from which we operate. We believe that, when possible, we can all contribute to making the lives of those in our communities better.

We like to stay involved in the communities we serve in four distinct ways: giving volunteer time and expertise, hosting events in our stores, investing in local sponsorships with measurable results, and offering an employee giving program. Murdoch’s is driven to help in these four ways to demonstrate the gratitude we feel toward the communities and folks who have welcomed our family of stores and employees into their lives.

Generosity is often measured in dollar amounts. While financial support is vitally important, it’s not always possible. But, we are not the type of company whose creativity stops there. We enjoy the opportunity to discuss how we can help make the lives of those in our communities better in new, exciting ways. Murdoch’s measures our success not in dollars spent, but in the impact we make. If you represent a worthy cause, doing great work near one of our store locations, we appreciate the good work you are doing, and we thank you for thinking of us as a potential partner.